source adage

source adage

Conceived by Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay during a fateful Hudson lunch date, source adage was born of an affinity for luxe indulgences. While considering where to establish their new venture, the Brooklynite couple became enamored with Hudson’s verdant scenescapes and historic charms.

Not long after, Dobay and Draghi were inspired to create a superior parfumerie in the idyllic city after stumbling upon a beautiful 1830’s era storefront, and the rest is history.

Following their move from New York City, the couple combined their talents and experience in product design and scent composition development to establish and nurture source adage.

Composed on site, the array of hand-poured candles, diffusers, personal fragrances, and room sprays utilize pure oils and natural ingredients as a means to tantalize and evoke the senses. Each unique confection yields a signatory destination that belies a passion for meticulous curation.



In collaboration with neighboring local businesses such as The Maker Hotel and The Gilded Owl, source adage also develops special edition products inspired by such muses as the musical scores of Marvin Hamlisch and the artist Leonor Fini.

Most recently, source adage partnered with foley&cox to compose Inspiration, a candle typified by notes of wild grass, foliage, and wood of birch. Inspiration, whose pure cotton wick delivers 75 hours of burn time, begs an arboreal escape. Each candle, comprised of an all-natural wax blend, is lovingly hand-poured in Hudson, NY by the source adage team.



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