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foley&cox creates bespoke interiors from the widest palette of possibilities to create environments that instantly become that most personal of all places ... home.

In a world where interior design often follows trends and can become generic, foley&cox has a different approach. Listening to the client and gathering creative cues— their perceptions, preferences and passions.


Recognized for our style and versatility.

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foley&cox believes that creating comfortably luxurious living environments is achieved through a keen understanding of each client.

The firm’s distinctive yet approachable interiors have appeared in discerning locations including Manhattan, the Hamptons, Hyannisport, the Gulf Coast, Big Sky, Hawaii, Monaco, the Bahamas, Moscow, and Austria.

Interpreting lifestyles and personalities, foley&cox creates highly individualized interiors. Their eye for design has been widely praised in major publications.

The result of the collaborative approach is a serene space infused with the client’s personal style.

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